La Scuola Open Source: innovazione sociale e tecnologica.

✨ Scolarships fund ✨

We have set up a fund to finance the assignment of SOS scholarships through donations made by individuals, institutions or companies.

Every contribution is important because the more we are, the stronger the impact of this initiative will be. You can kick-in through the button below.

You can choose - by checking the boxes below - to leave a free donation or to direct it on one of SOS thematic areas:

☛ X: communication design - composition theory - illustration - photography - typography - etc.

☛ Y: hardware and software tools - making - programmed electronics - coding - iot - prototyping - etc.

☛ Z: process & service design - governance - community development - sociology - etc.

☞ check this box if you want to stay anonymous

This idea was born so that anyone can participate and none is left behind or is limited by economic factors.

That’s why everything we’ll collect will be used to allow those who request it to develop skills useful for themselves and for others.

Who can apply for a scholarship?
Anyone can apply for a scholarship.

How can one apply for a scholarship?
Write an email to indicating name, surname, course/workshop , motivation for which the scholarship is requested, attaching your CV (or portfolio).

What are the criteria for the assignment?
budget availability at the time of request;
feasibility of the course indicated in the request;
motivation stated in the request;

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