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→ a FabLab , that is a small workshop that offers personalized digital manufacturing services, equipped with a series of prototyping tools (3D printing, laser cutting, etc.).

→ a shared laboratory, where people with common interests in the fields of crafts, technology, science, visual and poetic arts, publishing, robotics, domotics, biology and electronics and beyond, can meet, socialize and / or collaborate;

→ a space of possibilities, counterculture and sharing of knowledge;

→ a reuse promotion center where a collection service for obsolete technology objects is held in order to promote their intelligent reuse;

→ a place of socialization and "bottom up" experimentation where you can learn the rudiments of the Internet of Things, of electronic prototyping, of digital manufacturing, of coding and of cybersecurity;

Registered users [see membership] have access to the laboratory and the tools it contains; for the use of machinery and the consumption of materials, a contribution is required from the members.

After having acquired the qualification by attending the machine courses (free for members), it is possible to use the machines independently or with the support of an operator to be guided during the processing.

The Maker Membership includes 60 bonus credits on the use of machines and a discounted rate on their use (1 credit = € 0.50).

If you already have our membership and qualification you can book the use of a machine.

If you do not have yet the qualification for one of these machines: apply for the next workshop!

Machines Without Operator

SOS Hackerspace makes its machines available to all members, allowing them to be used independently after having acquired the qualification. Membership includes 60 machine usage credits and free access to all qualification courses.

Machines With Operator

We also offer to members a service for machines with an operator, by appointment.
If you are in a hurry to cut a piece and you do not yet master the machine, you can reserve a qualified person to support you in the various stages of prototyping: file optimization, machine settings, material testing and processing. In all phases of work, the person must remain with the operator.

The machine costs remain unchanged, but a cost of € 15.00 / h is added for the time the operator will be present (minimum 1 hour).

Service and planning

Hackerspace offers plenning, design and prototyping services to all members and not , companies and professionals.
There are also theoretical and practical training activities aimed at staff of companies, SMEs and artisans : the transfer of know-how takes place on agreed themes and machinery, so that they can be immediately applied on their own "Core business".

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Laser Cutter

CO2 laser cutting / engraving machine

Working area:
→ 600 x 900 mm

Max height:
→ 300 mm

Cutting materials:
→ non-metallic materials

Engraving materials:
→ non-metallic materials
→ metallic materials (excluding aluminum and copper crude )

→ 60 credits / h (excluding material) for members

CNC Cutter

3-axis numerical control cutter

Working area:
→ 550 x 850 mm

Max height:
→ 40 mm

Cutting materials:
→ non-metallic materials

Engraving materials:
→ non-metallic materials
→ metallic materials

→ 60 credits / h (excluding material) for members

3D Printer Creality CR-10S

Cartesian 3D printer with filament extrusion and heated plate

Printing area:
→ 300 x 300 mm

Max height:
→ 400 mm

Extrudable Materials:

→ 12 credits / h (PLA material included) for members

Sliding saw

Sliding saw for wood

Working area:
→ 102 x 305 mm

→ 10 credits / h (material excluded) for members

Bench for electronic prototyping

Bench equipped with hardware, multimeters, soldering stations ... everything necessary for electronic projects

→ Various Arduino
→ Raspberry
→ Sensors
→ Obsolete technology
→ Any other business


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