La Scuola Open Source: innovazione sociale e tecnologica.

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SOS is a community of people who share knowledge, time, values ​​and ideas to build a better world together.

There are many ways to participate, depending on your needs.

Are you a pirate who believes in knowledge sharing?
Do you want to dismantle the world to rebuild it from the beginning?
Do not you want to give up anything?

We have what's right for you:

Join the SOS Community!

You can choose between 2 different types of membership:

Tipologia membership:


⟶ 20% discount on all courses;

⟶ availability of space for activities (projections, presentations, study groups, events, etc.);

⟶ free access to internal training days;

⟶ free access to SOS Library;

⟶ job orientation and consulting;

50 € / year


Tipologia membership:


⟶ enrollment to the Association and insurance coverage;

⟶ free qualifying courses for laser cutter, CNC cutter and 3D printer;

⟶ free course of introduction to programmable electronics with Arduino;

⟶ reduced rates on the machinery usage;

⟶ bonus of 60 credits

75 € / year