La Scuola Open Source: innovazione sociale e tecnologica.

Who’s La Scuola Open Source for?

La scuola open source targets anyone willing to learn or teach something, through its community-sourced educational plan; private and public organizations aiming to invest in research and innovation; all makers looking for tools and spaces to make their ideas come to life.

Where is La Scuola Open Source?

La scuola open source is in the magnificent Old Town of Bari, where history and innovation meet to generate something new and enrich the territory with the power of knowledge sharing.

How can I subscribe to courses?

Courses will start once the minimum number of participants is achieved. By clicking on SUBSCRIBE you’ll get access to a form to be filled in to complete your enrolment request:

if, within the submission deadline, the minimum number of participants is reached:
you’ll receive an email with the payment details (PayPal or bank transfer). Once you’ve charged it, you’ll receive a receipt confirmation and the details of your course.

if, within the submission deadline, the minimum number of participants is not reached:
you’ll receive an email and you’ll be asked if you want to keep your request active for enrolment until the minimum number of participants is reached or cancel your application request.

This process is designed to assure everyone the utmost transparency and the economic sustainability of the courses.

What are the upcoming courses?

The courses’ calendar will be accessible online through our website.

How are courses activated?

The proposed courses will stay on our website for the indicated activation period and will have a minimum subscription goal. When reached, the course will be activated, starting in the planned dates. Would the subscription goal not be reached, in agreement with the community’s judgement and the interest raised, the course could be postponed, frozen or cancelled.

How can I suggest a course/activity?

This form allows you to suggest a course or learning activity. You can do it both as user (you would want to join such activity as a learner) and as teacher (you want to hold the course yourself, giving value to your knowledge). Just fill as many fields as you can in the dedicated form and we will contact you right away to finalize your proposal, making sure that no point is left unclear. After refining together a preliminary budget and ensuring your proposal’s alignment with the School’s mission, we will publish the idea on our ideas market. Would the community positively evaluate your idea, we will start fundraising for the course and collecting subscriptions for the activity.

How can I suggest a research project?

The ‘Research’ section of our website allows you to suggest a research project as its Commissioner. Insert all the available information on the dedicated form and you will be contacted by our staff to build together a valid proposal, in the format that best matches your need. If you are a researcher, use this form.

How do I get to La Scuola Open Source?

La Scuola is in Old Bari in Isolato 47, Strada Lamberti 16. Our building is located between the Civic Museum and the “Santa Teresa dei Maschi” public library, less than 5’ walking distance from Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Piazza Mercantile.
Online, we are always available on our facebook page.

How does the membership scheme work?

Launching in January 2016, membership will allow you to effectively join the SOS community. By paying a yearly subscription fee, you will be able to:

☛ access the ideas market (evaluate the proposed activities)
☛ get discounts on all activities requiring payment
☛ get detailed output of all the activities
☛ utilize the school’s spaces

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